Pizza Making with Junior Wardens Alvaston: Sophie, 8th July 2015

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At first we went to Junior wardens and some of the group brought some recipes. We couldn’t do some of them because of the recipes taking too long to make a pizza bases etc..  We thought that we could make a plan so we can make our own recipes of our pizzas and decided what we are putting on our pizzas and who is doing what. We looked at what toppings were available at the shop and spent our money within a budget.

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We asked people what they would like to get form the shop for the pizzas. On pizzas were cheese and pepperoni, sweetcorn, peppers and tomato purée. We also we had some juice for a drink whilst we waited for the Pizza to cook. The base was Naan bread, we spread the  pizza with tomato purée, put the cheese on top, followed by the sweetcorn, salami and chopped peppers from Tandeka

Sophie JW


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