Pizza Making with Junior Wardens Alvaston: Callum, 8th July 2015

We made pizza last week.

At first we were not going to make them because they took to long, some one started to cry. But one of the recipe was 15 minutes so we used that idea. we made a plan of what we was going to do and what to put on the pizza’s. After that, we went to the shop to buy the ingredients and were each given an ingredient to find and buy.

On the way to the shop we had to be careful by looking left and right when we cross a rode and making sure we were sensible in the shop. We walked there and back.

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The ingredients we used were:
Naan bread (as the base)
Tomato Purée
Cheese (cheddar cheese, greated)
Pepper (if we wanted it on)
Pepperoni (if we wanted it on)
Sweetcorn (if we wanted it on)
After we been to the shop, we prepared for cooking and making the pizza.

1st we washed our hands.

2nd we opened our ingredients and put foil on the tray.

3rd we put the naan bread on the tray and put tomato puree on the naan bread.

4th we added the cheese.

5th we added the ingredients we wanted on our pizza. the pizza I chose to make was magherita (cheese and tomato)
6th we cooked it in the oven for 15 minutes. when the pizza’s were in the oven we tidyed up and then had a drink. we took the pizza’s home to eat

I liked the way the pizza tasted like. At first I thought I had used too much cheese and tomato purey but it turned out that using too much made it taste nice.
If I had the ingredients, I could make this at home.


Callum JW


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