Pizza Making with Junior Wardens Alvaston: Chelsea, 8th July 2015

At first we got to Junior Wardens and some of us brought the recipes and they said we couldn’t make the pizzas because we brought a recipe that was to long we decided on a plan then we pick our toppings then we talked about who is getting what at the shop and then we talked about the safety by crossing the road safety and to be nice to people and then we went to the shop and we got everything that we need then we got a carton of juice for after we made the pizza then we put it in the oven then we tidy up and then we had a drink and talk about what we did at the end then we took it out of the oven then we put it on a plastic plate, wrapped it in kitchen foil, we said bye and we went home.


What I didn’t like?…..nothing.

I like making pizza and going to the shop.

I will make this at home for my family.

Chelsea JW


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