Streatham Road_version2

Junior Wardens Mackworth – Community Room Re-design

The Junior Wardens in Mackworth thought that it was about time the community rooms at Streatham Road had a good make over. There was discussion, a little bit of direction in terms of how to present the ideas, before the Junior Wardens took the project on board.

Step one was to create a birds eye view drawing of how the community room stood at present…

Streatham Road_version1

Step two was to look at how we could utilise the space to accommodate a number of community groups

Streatham Road_version2

We managed to establish that we have an abundance of chairs and a lack of computers with an internet connection. We also managed to highlight how the computer based systems that are currently installed are in need of a few updates to enable simple things like BBC I-Player and Flash.

Step 3 will be to take action – We do hope that we will be able to make a change in true Junior Wardens fashion so a report to detail the proposed changed will need to be put together by the team.

If you would like to get involved with Junior Wardens, click this link to sign up and we will book you in the next available session.

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