Dog Poo / Litter Picking in Alvaston

We started by talking about different problems in the area. Chelsea said that Dog fouling and litter were both problems with none being more of a problem than the other.

Sophie asked about overflowing bins and wondered how we can deal with this problem. Tandeka thought we could possibly do a campaign around making sure that litter stays off our streets.
Chelsea said can we put posters around the area so people know about dog poo and littering picking and can you recycle plastics in the recycle bin in your area.

Connor said that we could use the blue bins as they are collected every two weeks and it can save you black bin from overflowing. We finished the session listening to some Justin Bieber – What do you mean.

Jimmy had a brain wave that we could remix a song to give out a positive message. We tried to remix the Weeknd , Can’t feel my face and we came up with the following

I can fill me funky blue bin too

All with Rubbish, lots of rubbish –

We had a few versions

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