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The Pressures On Young People

We had a good talk with one of our older Junior Wardens and we started to look at how the holiday period was being used. The definition of relaxing was something that we looked at with regard to “relaxing” being non productive in a certain light but an essential part of life. We feel like relaxing is a bit of a waste of time if we take on the views of society. We were enlightened to relaxing actually being awake but asleep or not engaged in anything that may involve too much effort.
We spoke about what school would do if a student told them, “I am stressed”.
Many people do not share their problems with the school due to lack of trust from staff or believing it is irrelevant. It is only when the stress begins to hugely affect school work directly that we seek or receive more help.
An example of this may be bullying, where a young person may wait until a face-to-face encounter with the bully happens and the school would become involved.It is important that we have the courage and confidence to ask for help. We think young people should be able to tell staff in situations like this, or any other where we are facing stress or/and pressure, before it becomes a larger issue. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a member of staff, but a friend or a family member. The other person’s opinion will be unbiased and you could discuss issues you haven’t thought of. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved.

If you are having stress related issues, you may want to visit one of these websites – almost like the disclaimers after you watch a major issue via a soap on television. You can’t receive help if they don’t know you need it.


Anxiety UK

Or just google stressed out or any related phrases.

As a little reminder that everyone feels the pressure at some point or another, we have decided to share this track with you.

Discussed between Sophie, Jimmy and Tandeka

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