Tyler’s bike safety

We started off today’s Junior Wardens Chaddesden discussion (with pizza) around our journey to the scheme and how we get ourselves here safely. Myself(Tandeka), Jimmy and others usually arrive by car  whereas Tyler makes his Journey to JW on his bike.

In Tyler’s opinion these are the basic understandings you need to know whilst riding your bike:

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Check your brakes often
  • wear the right clothes for the weather
  • Have back & front lights (for travelling at night or in the evenings)
  • Check  your tyres often (make sure they are not flat and have lots of grip for bad weather etc)
  • Always wear a reflector jacket/ Clothing/Tape (so you are spotted easily in the dark and in bad weather)
  • Plan your journey
  •  Try and stay off busy main roads
  • Always look before you turn and indicate your turns
  • Make sure that you are in control of your bike
  • Have reflectors on your bike
  • Stay alert when riding at ALL time

After discussion we realized that other things came into the picture whilst riding your bike, (especially if you are going to be doing so on the roads) such as:

  • Understanding the rules of the road and the traffic laws
  • Go with the traffic flow (if you are able to ride on the roads)
  • Being predictable (ride in a straight line)
  • Keep a safe distance from parked cars(in-order to avoid doors opening on you)
  • Give way to traffic when needed and pedestrians.
  • Adjust your bike to fit(Stand over your bike, there should be 1-2 inches between you and your top tube bar if using a road bike and 3-4 inches if using a mountain bike. Your seat should be level front and back. The seat height should adjust to allow a slight bend when your leg is fully extended, your handlebar height should also be the same level with the seat)
  • See and be seen
  • Watch for and avoid road hazards
  • obtain a lock for your bike

Bike riding is a fun, healthy and a great way to get around whilst gaining greater independence. But we think it is important to remember that your bicycle is not a toy, its a vehicle.

You should not ride on the road until you are at least 10 or over and had some training by an organisation such as Bikeability.  There are three levels of training. Tyler informed us that he is trained up to level 2 and has the certificates to prove this. They offer training to all ages and abilities.


We would like to thank  Sinfin/Osmaston SNT and also Sinfin Community Centre for the donated locks and lights, that we were able to pass onto Tyler..Safe riding Tyler. Snapshot_20160219

Here is a little bike related tunage about the love of riding….

By Tyler Heath, Chadesdden JW, Jimmy and Tandeka

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