Sinfin Junior Wardens talk about rules and behaviour

The Junior Wardens in Sinfin look at their rules and managed to create an audio piece to highlight the rules and behavior that is expected from our Junior Wardens.

The rules that the Junior Wardens came up with are as follows :

01.Think before you speak and listen
02. Don’t speak over each other
03. Respect everyone’s opinions
04. Respect the space / equipment
05. Behave sensibly at all times
06. Try not the be naughty and make silly sounds / behaviour
07. Ignore and try not to get involved in silly behaviour
08. Start each session with something positive
09. Always try your best
10. Always participate

A official copy was created and signed by each of the Junior Wardens as of 2015. We are due to update the rules and we do intend to place these on display for all to see.


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