Easter Nests / Cupcakes with Alvaston Junior Wardens

We measured the ingredients

We melted the chocolate, butter and golden syrup in the microwave, checking every 30 seconds to make sure that the chocolate didn’t burn.

IMG_20160316_170916We mixed the cornflakes with the chocolate

We put the mix into the cupcake casings

We put them in the fridge to let them set.

We might, do them at home as we have the recipe and we have included this below. We also added mini eggs for decoration.

Note: To Make them set even more quickly, you could place them in the freezer. You could also replace the cornflakes with other cereal such as Rice Crispies, Shreddies, crushed Weetabix etc.

A huge thanks to Chelsea and Callum from Alvaston Junior Wardens for their input in creating this post.


Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus from death. We managed to find this information from watching an animated short on youtube. Some of the group will be performing in an Easter play over the coming weeks. Some have parts that will see them hauled up on crosses like Jesus of Nazareth and the two criminals who were beside him.

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