About Mashup

Who are Mash up Derby LTD?

Tandeka Williams – Youth and Community

Greg Thomas – Drama and Sustainable means practitioner

James Batchelor – ICT / Creative media teacher


Mash Up Derby LTD is a trio of youth work practitioners with a focus on education, youth, community and progression. The team revolves around using the concept of creativity to empower young people with the skills and attitude required to successfully navigate today’s ever changing society.

Using the incorporation of performance with art forms embodied in Hip Hop, song, dance, creative media, radio and video, Mash Up Derby have been able to work create a platform for which young people are able to harness the skills that they already posses whilst looking at new skills and the way in which they can be used to further explore social issues, promote awareness and support a genuine understanding for the communities that we live in.

Through Mash Up Derby LTD, we have developed a unique format for learning that involves a vocational and interactive style revolving around the engagement of young people in their community as ambassadors and champions for positive social change.


The Team

Tandeka Williams is from a Youth and Community background  working with various organisations such as Surestart, PAYP, YOS, ECHO youth group,IMOJA womens group) within the last 15 yrs.  She has held various positions from secretary through to chairperson. Tandeka has experience of working with volunteers whilst maintaining various roles within the community including a position on the independent advisory Board for Derbyshire Police , role of a contender coach for OZBOX, radio show host for Total choice radio FM 106.8, a role on the advisory group for the annual community event “The Big One” held at Chaddesden park and co-ordinator for the volunteer/work experience  scheme aswell as Vice Chair at the Mash Up Theatre Cafe located at Bramblebrook community centre.

James Batchelor is a qualified ICT teacher with a background in music, performance, creative media and social networking. With a Degree in information systems and networks, James and been able to harness the power of technology and social platforms to build on a youth empowerment ethic based around the power of people, community and creativity. Using his experience in performance, James has been able to develop his own unique approach to Mash Up Theatre, taking into account his passion for Hip Hop, radio, spoken word and the power of the internet to create effective campaigns, promotions and awareness amongst those considered “hard to reach” or “hard to engage”

Greg has over 15 years experience working with people and theatre. He has worked extensively in Ireland, Wales, England and Canada and his workshops have been used by a wide variety of groups, organisations and individuals. Recently he was the Community Participation Coordinator for Young Peoples Theatre 2008-2012 – Canada’s largest children’s theatre.  It was here that he became a part of Nomanzland Theatre in Jane and Finch and began experimenting with theatre in an urban setting.  Particularly focusing on the less well served communities.  “Mash Up Theatre” is the result of this work.

Mash Up, from its inception in Canada in 2007 embodies the concept of using a wide variation of artforms was successful in the engagement of harder to reach communities in the area of Jane and Finch, Toronto.

Mash Up Derby have completed work on behalf of Rathbone, Global Education Derby, Derby Skillbuild, The Shack youth Group ( Darley Dale) , Hurst Farm Community Centre, Tamworth community centre, Tamyouth, Sustrans and TCRFM, and Bramblebrook Community Centre.


Concept, story so far, Toronto

The Mash Up Derby team make use of the connect, challenge change framework to engage young people with current issues on a personal, local, nationwide and furthermore onto a global level, providing  an opportunity to gather a rounded understanding for the inter-connectivity of communities across the world.

Mash Up Derby are currently working with some of the most disengaged youth on a series of creative media projects looking at positive social action through performance, audio, video and photography with a vision that aims to empower young people to achieve more upon the discovery and practice and harness of skills that could previously have been undervalued or not warranted as relevant.

Mash Up Theatre has been designed to work with everyone, it is a grassroots art form that works with people where they’re at and uses the art forms that are indigenous to people, place and time.


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